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This page provides hints and tips on maximising accessibility on your web browser. The following two items link to the categories of accessibility information on this page.

AAA explained

What is AAA?

AAA refers to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The guidelines were developed to increase the accessibility of the web to people with disabilities. If a web site meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the site is said to be AAA.

This means that the content available on the web site must be designed to be accessible by people with normal vision, low vision, as well as those using Related Links such as screenreaders.

Why is this site AAA?

Sri Lanka Federation Of The Visually Handicapped supports the idea that the web should be accessible to all people. Hence the site has been developed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Use this link to access the World Wide Web Consortium website.


The SLFVH Web Site and AAA

Hidden text link in the top left corner

To make the site more accessible to screenreaders, an invisible buttons have been placed at the top left corner of all the pages. These buttons allow users to bypass the top graphics on the page, so that they can quickly read the main content of the page or the main menu.

Browser fonts

This web site uses default browser fonts. Therefore the fonts displayed in the web site will vary, depending on the fonts set in the browser used to view the site.

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